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A geocache may have attached a number of attributes, giving more information about the cache, the hiding, the recommendations, requirements, permissions, hazards related with the search.

This document describes the existing cache attributes across Opencaching sites.

Cache attributes matrix

ID Category Attribute Usage Image Notes
OCPL[1] OCDE[2] GC[3] F[4] O[5] OCPL[6] OCUS[7] OCDE[8]
1 1 A1
  1. Cache_attribute ID numbers currently in use by OCPL. Duplicates and overlaps exist(ed) with OCUK.
  2. Cache_attribute ID numbers currently in use by OCDE.
  3. Groundspeak attribute ID; where attributes are equivalent.
  4. Future remapping of attribute IDs.
  5. OKAPI "Acode". See
  6. OCPL-current; Sites updated live from Github project repository; Member sites: OCPL, OCNL, OCRO, OCUK.
  7. OCUS runs an older (from several years ago) version of OCPL code
  8. OCDE running a single instance, multi-view, installation of OpencachingDeutschland/oc-server3 code. Member sites: OCDE, OCES, OCFR, OCIT