Cache sizes

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A geocache may have a container categorized by a certain size.

This document describes the existing cache sizes across Opencaching sites.

Cache sizes matrix

ID Size Usage Symbol[1] Notes
1 Other size OCDE will be implemnted in OCPL
2 Micro All
3 Small All
4 Regular All
5 Large All
6 Very large All
7 No container All
8 Nano OCDE will be implemented in OCPL

Implementations should consider ways to specify the order in which these sizes appear in the UI.

OCPL will implement ways to allow each site to decide the allowed sizes (out of the total possible sizes).

  1. OCPL and OCDE currently do not use graphical representations for cache sizes.
  2. OCPL-current; Sites updated live from Github project repository; Member sites: OCPL, OCNL, OCRO, OCUK.
  3. OCUS runs an older (from several years ago) version of OCPL code
  4. OCDE running a single instance, multi-view, installation of OpencachingDeutschland/oc-server3 code. Member sites: OCDE, OCES, OCFR, OCIT