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A geocache may be of several types

This document describes the existing cache types across Opencaching sites.

Cache types matrix

ID Type Usage Image Notes
C[1] F[2] OCPL[3] OCUS[4] OCDE[5]
1 1 Unknown All Caches that do not fit any explicitely declared type
2 2 Traditional All Physical container at the coordinates
3 3 Multi-cache All Sequence of physical containers, each with clues leading to the next
4 4 Virtual cache All No physical container. Must visit the place and answer questions and provide proof you visited.
5 5 Webcam cache All No physical container. Must visit the place and take picture using the webcam and provide proof.
6 6 Event All No physical container. Not counted as "found". Social gathering of geocachers.
7 7 Quiz All Physical container not at coordinates. Must solve puzzle to find it.
8 20 Moving cache OCPL Physical container changes location after each find.
8 Math/Physics cache OCDE Physical container not at coordinates. Requires to solve math or physics type problem.
9 21 Geopath final cache OCPL Bonus cache as GeoPath final. (FIXME)

Still defined as "Podcache", needs fixing.

9 22 MP3 cache OCUS Physical container not at coordinates. Must use clues in audio file to locate.
9 Moving cache OCDE Physical container changes location after each find.
10 23 Owncache OCPL Travels with owner. Must meet owner to find. (FIXME)
10 Drive-in cache OCDE Physical container near parking. A.k.a. park&grab
10 Educache OCUK No physical container. Requires research about subject, questions to answer, proof of visiting the area (similar to "earthcache")No longer in use after OCUK migration to OCPL-current. See history of OCUK.
10 24 Guestbook cache OCPL Physical container is a guestbook, available to sign
11 USB cache OCUS Physical container is a USB flash drive. Log is a digital file.

Will be dropped by OCUS

12 25 BIT cache OCPL Playing card with serial number. See http://wiki.opencaching.us/index.php/BIT_Caches
13 Letterbox cache OCUS Similar to multi or mystery field puzzle, with final container additionally having a rubber stamp.

Will be dropped by OCUS

N/A 26 Benchmark OCPL Geographical survey benchmark.

New type by OCUS

N/A 27 Challenge OCPL Geocacher must meet the challenge requirements.

New type by OCUS


Basic cache types
OCPL specific types
OCDE specific types
To be redesigned
Removed cache types
  1. Cache_type ID numbers currently in use. Duplicates and overlaps exist.
  2. Cache_type ID numbers; Future suggested remapping to resolve duplicates and overlaps.
  3. OCPL-current; Sites updated live from Github project repository; Member sites: OCPL, OCNL, OCRO, OCUK.
  4. OCUS runs an older (from several years ago) version of OCPL code
  5. OCDE running a single instance, multi-view, installation of OpencachingDeutschland/oc-server3 code. Member sites: OCDE, OCES, OCFR, OCIT