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Open-source waypoint redirection service

It is a redirection service for waypoints and other geocaching related resources.

  • Offers waypoint redirection for geocaches, logs and user profiles.
  • Offers trackable redirection for geokrety, travelbugs, geocoins, logs and logging page directly (where supported).
  • Designed to be simple and scalable using DNS round-robin distribution.
  • Designed to automatically update from GitHub master repository. source code:


Hosting requirements are absolutely minimal. More technical information can be found here.

If you whish to volunteer hosting an instance of this service, please contact the project owner by posting an issue on GitHub.

Currently hosted by OCRO and OCNL.


Waypoint redirection

Supported Opencaching sites

Waypoint: - OX1234 is the waypoint code. (OX is the cache prefix of the opencaching site, see above)
Users: - 123 is the user ID. (OX is the cache prefix of the opencaching site, see above)

Supported Geocaching sites

Waypoint: - GC12345 is the waypoint code.
View log: - GL123456 is the log code.

Trackables redirection

Supported trackables

GeoKret: - GK12345 is the GeoKret ID.
Log a GeoKret: - CODE12 is the 6 character tracking code.
TravelBug / Geocoin: - TB12345 is the trackable ID.
Track a TravelBug / Geocoin: - ABC123 is the 6 character tracking code.
View trackable log: - TL123456 is the log ID.