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The description below is primarily for OC administrators AND people who want to help implement OKAPI backend.



OKAPI is a publically available API for "National Opencaching" sites.

  • It provides OC site with a set of useful well-documented API methods,
  • Allows external developers to easily read public Opencaching data,
  • Allows read and write private (user-related) data with OAuth Authentication.

The project has grown to become a standard and common API for all National Opencaching.xx sites.

OKAPI is an integral part of the Opencaching-PL code fork, i.e. an OCPL site will run properly only with OKAPI installed. For the Opencaching-DE code fork, OKAPI is an optional plugin - all other services of the site will run independently from OKAPI.

List of OKAPI installations

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  1. Opencaching.DE includes other sites - Opencaching.IT, OpencachingSpain.ES and Opencaching.FR - which are in fact the one site visible on multiple domains. All three share one database, so you can access all their data (only) through Opencaching.DE OKAPI installation.