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The Opencaching-PL project (OCPL)


Is the source code of Opencaching.PL site (and some others, set up on different domains). Opencaching.PL is one of the branches of the "OpenCaching National Sites" project.

Opencaching.PL branch -

OC code history
  • Branched from Opencaching.DE very long time ago, the two branches went their separate ways. If you're wondering which one to adopt, it is up to you to choose one.
  • Deployed at multiple servers, each one of them connected to a separate domain.
  • Some of these sites are always up-to-date (there's a postcommit script connected to the repository):,,, (this list is apt to grow)
  • Some other sites use older copies of the code (e.g.
  • If other nodes would like to use it, we encourage you to try. However, it is NOT a travial task to add support for other languages into OCPL code. We may give you access to our repository if you'd like to internationalize it, but be warned - there's some work to be done here!

Both of the primary branches use the same public API (called OKAPI, see

See also Opencaching-DE.