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IMPORTANT!!! As of 2019-07-01 the matrix below describes next generation cache type mappings, which is a work in progress implementation.

A geocache may be of several types. Each type incurrs specific characteristics and/or rules that may apply to searching, finding and logging that type of cache.

This document describes the existing cache types across Opencaching sites.

Cache types matrix

ID Type Usage Image Notes
1 Other/Unknown All Caches that do not fit any explicitely declared type
2 Traditional All Physical container at the coordinates
3 Multi-cache All Sequence of physical containers, each with clues leading to the next
4 Virtual cache All No physical container. Must visit the place and answer questions and provide proof you visited.
5 Webcam cache All No physical container. Must visit the place and take picture using the webcam and provide proof.
6 Event All No physical container. Not counted as "found". Social gathering of geocachers.
7 Quiz All Physical container not at coordinates. Must solve puzzle to find it.
8 Math/Physics cache OCDE Physical container not at coordinates. Requires to solve math or physics type problem.
9 Moving cache All Physical container changes location after each find.
10 Drive-in cache OCDE Physical container near parking. A.k.a. park&grab
11 Owncache OCPL Travels with owner. Must meet owner to find.
12 BIT cache OCPL Playing card with serial number. See
13 Guestbook OCPL Physical container is a guestbook, available to sign
14 Benchmark OCPL Geographical survey benchmark.
15 Challenge OCPL Geocacher must meet the challenge requirements.


Basic/common cache types
OCPL specific types
OCDE specific types