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The description below is primarily for OC administrators AND people who want to help implement OKAPI backend.



OKAPI is a publically available API for "National Opencaching" sites.

  • It provides Opencaching site with a set of useful well-documented API methods,
  • Allows external developers to easily read public Opencaching data,
  • Allows read and write private (user-related) data with OAuth Authentication.

The project has grown to become a standard and common API for all National Opencaching.xx sites.

OKAPI is an integral part of the Opencaching-PL code fork, i.e. an Opencaching-PL site will run properly only with OKAPI installed. For the Opencaching-DE code fork, OKAPI is an optional plugin - all other services of the site will run independently from OKAPI.

List of OKAPI installations

Each installation URL (as above) provides full online documentation of OKAPI.

Other links you might want to check out

Developer information

Third party application developers must sign up for an application key on each existing OKAPI instance (each Opencaching website). See Signup page on OKAPI online documentation.

OKAPI specific data

OKAPI uses an internal mapping file attribute-definitions.xml for attribute assignments and GC equivalence.

To represent cache attributes in a GC compatible way, OKAPI defines a an internal ACODE and also generates the OCGS XML tag in GPX exports.


  1. Opencaching.DE includes other sites - Opencaching.IT, OpencachingSpain.ES and Opencaching.FR - which are in fact the one site visible on multiple domains. All three share one database, so you can access all their data (only) through Opencaching.DE OKAPI installation.