Opencaching GPX Extension

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The Opencaching GPX Extension allows to add Opencaching-specific information to GPX files. It is supported by all Opencaching sites except Opencaching.US, both in the native GPX download as well as OKAPI GPX download.

A GPX file downloaded from the OC sites will contain an <oc:cache> section, which may look like this:

 <oc:cache xmlns:oc="">
   <oc:type>Moving Cache</oc:type>
     <oc:log id="1179884" uuid="ba6422c7-4a2a-11e7-8e90-86c6a7325f31">
     <oc:log id="1164676" uuid="aced5439-f929-11e6-8e90-86c6a7325f31">

For a complete documentation, see the OC GPX Schema definition.