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Apparently redirects to at this time. -- unsigned contribution by andrixnet (talk)

@andrixnet: Why did you chose ID 16 for The answer to this question will show us what ID 15 is - unassigned or reserved for some site. --following (talk) 18:21, 31 May 2016 (CEST)

OCRO node id choice

I based my choice on the following information and logic:

opencaching-pl / file contained (at that time):

// Used OC number nodes and name of waypoints :
// 1 Opencaching Germany OC
// 2 Opencaching Poland OP
// 3 Opencaching Czech OZ
// 4 Local Development AA
// 5 free
// 6 Opencaching Great Britain OK
// 7 Opencaching Sweden OS =>OC Scandinavia
// 8 free
// 9 free
// 10 Opencaching United States OU
// 11 free
// 12 Opencaching Russia  (I don't know current status???)
// 14 Opencaching Nederland OB => OC Benelux 

Since I had no other information at the time and yet I knew there were more nodes then listed there, I decided not to take for granted the IDs listed as free. To my knowledge, OCNL (14) was the latest addition, at least from opencaching-pl code point of view. At the time I also found nothing about an established procedure about assigning such numbers. The german opencaching forum wasn't very active either. Neither did I know about: "Traditionally, NODE_IDs have been assigned by OCDE (Germany) management team."

Thus I "tried to manage by myself" and decided to skip ID=15 to be on the safe side and chose 16. As it turns out, I was right (about 8,9,11).

It then also became one of the reasons for which I advocated for the creation of this wiki. --Andrixnet (talk) 18:58, 16 June 2016 (CEST)andrixnet