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User interractions with a geocache are recorded in the cache log as a log entries.

Each log entry has a type, indicating an action or a status, in addition to the user supplied log entry text.

All log entries generate a notification email to the cache owner. Notification may be individual (per log) or digest.

This document describes the existing log types across Opencaching sites.

Log types matrix

ID Type Usage Icons Notes GC equivalent[GC compatibility 1]
1 Found it All Found it
2 Didn't find it All Didn't find it
3 Comment All i.e. WRITE NOTE Write Note
4 Moved OCPL Specific to "moving cache"
5 Needs maintenance OCPL OCDE and OKAPI logs have a "needs maintenance" flag Needs maintenance
6 Maintenance performed OCPL OCDE and OKAPI logs have a "cache is ok" flag Owner maintenance

(GC allows only maintenance by cache owner)

7 Attended All Attended
8 Will attend All Will attend
9 Archived All Archived
10 Ready to be found All i.e. ENABLED


Published / Enabled

(depending on context)

11 Temporarily unavailable All i.e. DISABLED Disabled
12 OC Team comment OCPL OCDE and OKAPI logs have an "OC team entry" flag Reviewer note

(closest equivalent)

13 Locked OCDE
14 Locked, invisible OCDE
  1. Information provided for third party application compatibility.