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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a geocaching site providing information about all national Opencaching services.

Opencaching national sites

Each Opencaching site is called a "node".

Opencaching development projects

Status Opencaching sites

  • Here you can check if one of the Opencaching sites are off line.

Related projects

Applications and websites related to Opencaching:

A comprehensive list of third party applications and websites that support Opencaching is listed HERE.

Developer resources

Opencaching assigned numbers - technical information

Opencaching sites use some predefined data structures to provide their service.

These resources are a reference for use by developers and administrators.

Assigned numbers for developers
Assigned numbers for system administrators
  • Node IDs - each opencaching website must have a unique ID
Opencaching GPX Extension
  • OC GPX allows to add Opencaching-specific information to GPX files.